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AxCell – Workflow for data processing and visualization


AxCell – Workflow for data processing and visualization

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AxCell is a workflow software for data processing and visualization.

  • Feature-rich data creation capabilities
  • Binary data reading and saving functions
  • Various data formats such as time series, multi-column tables, three-dimensional surface grids, etc.
  • Convert text file to data or data to text
  • Merge, split, partial extraction, or conditional selection of data sets
  • Expression-based data calculations
  • global variables
  • Commonly used time series preprocessing, time domain analysis and frequency domain analysis
  • Commonly used multi-column table data processing
  • Use A-Cell to package and layer processes to make them clearer
  • Link plug-ins through x-Cell, supporting dynamic languages Python, R, Julia and exe programs
  • Rich visualization and drawing function modules
  • Lab Connect run mode supports popular NI-cDAQ modules
  • The laboratory interconnection operating mode supports MODBUS master-slave connection, which can be used to expand or research IoT functions.
  • Laboratory interconnection operation mode supports network data exchange and sharing, making it easy to establish remote laboratory interconnection
  • With the help of global variables and process starters and terminators, global interactions can be realized and complex tasks can be automated.
  • Channel parallelism to quickly process massive data
  • Run in parallel to get the most out of your computer
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