AxSoft Co. Ltd. is a company provides professional academic softwares and enterprise solutions.

1. How to download trial version?

Everywhere in the article there occurs “AxMath”, “AxGlyph”, “trial” or “download”, you can click it as a hyperlink. Then it will download the latest version of the software for you. Download from Mega.nz

2.1 How to buy the pro version?

From 2020, latest version doesn’t need to enter KEY, just pay and receive the activation code!
AxMath activation code is like: M2PFK-R9RVC-MWKQD-8FJ97-VJMCL
AxGlyph activation code is like: G2PFK-SZAV6-QB39V-GUN9U-9J3CA

2.2 How activate software?

Step1: Close Anti-virus software and keep connect to Internet, open AxMath

Step2: File -> Register Product, “AxMath Register” Dialog show up

Step3: Enter activation code which we send you and click “Activate” button

Step4: If internet connection is ok, then AxMath is activated

3. How to buy license key the easiest way?

Go to our shop page, add AxMath or AxGlyph to cart, proceed to checkout, and you’ll see the activation code in order details.

4. Anti-Virus prompts malware.

AxMath/AxGlyph belongs to OLE (used to insert formulas or picture objects in containers such as WORD). It needs to read and write the registry during installation and runtime. During the download, installation or operation, the anti-virus software may report a false alarm. If this happens, please temporarily exit the anti-virus software or select “Allow operation” when prompted.

5. Office integration fails.

After confirming that the installation has been successful, if the AxMath/AxGlyph encounters an operational failure, for example, the program fails to start, the plugin in Office cannot be found or cannot be run, a formula cannot be inserted in WORD, and so on. These problems are caused by the settings of the Windows system or Office. When you encounter these situations, please refer to Chapter 8 of the help document. The corresponding solutions for the above faults are given.

6. How can I use both softwares sufficiently?

In order to get you up to speed with AxMath and AxGlyph, we have provided detailed help documentation. At the same time, instructional videos are also being recorded. In addition, you can submit problems encountered in our support forum. We will reply as soon as possible.

7. Future Plan

Now AxMath and AxGlyph only support Windows systems. However, a Mac version is urgently needed. If AxMath sells 5,000 copies, we will start the Mac version development program. We expect to complete the first Mac version of AxMath in mid-2019. Also, we plan to launch an online market to user-defined equation sets or graph sets.

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